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Mega Titan

The advent of fiber optics was a major turning point for telecommunications and the telecom industry. Faster transmission speeds, reduced signal loss, and greater bandwidth helped revolutionize data transmission at the very moment when demand was exploding along with the Internet. Today, telecom companies continue to finish out the last miles of their fiber optic networks, extending to millions of homes and businesses in every region of the country.For telecommunications providers whose installation is ongoing, fiber optics offers a tremendous opportunity. Fiber to the home represents a practical way to future-proof telecom networks, and generate revenue for decades to come. But FTTh also places new demands on these providers. Every part of the network infrastructure must function at a higher level. Once end-users are connected to fiber optic networks, they expect what fiber delivers – fast connection, high throughput, and 24/7 service with no interruption.ESPi, a company founded by telecom professionals, introduces the EPIC UPS, a new uninterruptible power supply designed for fiber optic and wireless loop local networks.

Built by telecom, for telecom, the EPIC  is  “your next generation UPS” – the most technologically advanced  12Vdc UPS available in the industry today. By design, it delivers longer life, higher performance, greater reliability, easier installation and service, and lower lifetime cost than any other 12Vdc UPS on the market.+

Mega TITAN-48V

Your Next Generation UPS

The Mega TITAN-48V UPS is our latest innovation. Designed for outdoor or indoor deployments for MDU or business ONTs, it provides a continuous -48 volts of UPS power, including ONT alarms on a CAT-5 connection for easy field termination. Our field-proven battery management system ensures long life and reliable power in the harshest environments.


  • -48V at 150W
  • 10-year battery life
  • 10- to 12-hour runtime with typical 150W-rated ONTs
  • Temperature-compensated battery charge
  • Steel enclosures built by SPC
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A


VOLTAR Off Grid Solar

Solar Power ONT’s, wifi radios, scada devices or remote cameras anywhere with the VOLTAR Off-Grid Solar UPS.

The VOLTAR is the most efficient Solar Charge controller in the world!

  • Designed to power an ONT maintenance free for three years
  • 140Ah-battery provides power for eight days without sun
  • Titan-UPS provides additional 14-plus hours of runtime
  • Standard ONT alarming included


  • Temp-compensated charging inside!
  • Battery management included
  • MPPT with P&O
  • 97.3% percent efficient – most efficient solar charge controller in the world
  • Available in 12V, 15V, 24V, 48V

Better Battery

A better battery is the foundation of the Epic series UPS. Our engineers tested many batteries during our R&D phase. After exhaustive testing, ESPi selected GS Battery to provide the best FTTh battery on the planet. Because of the precise temperature compensated charging unique to the Epic series, GS Battery has extended the warranty to a full four years when installed in an Epic UPS.  This is an industry best!

New Thermo-Amp Technology for Greater Battery Life

A better battery is a start, but the battery’s lifespan is critically affected by how it is charged.  Improper charging can reduce a battery’s life to less than 1 year. The EPIC UPS features an advanced temperature-compensated battery charging algorithm that maximizes battery life. It is so precise that GS Battery extended the warranty to a full four years.

Advanced Diagnostics

Some UPS Manufacturers run a simple 30 second diagnostic on the battery.  This has been troublesome in the past, leading to both false “good” and false “bad” reports.The EPIC employs some of the most technologically advanced battery testing and diagnostics in the industry.  This gives each customer the confidence of knowing the precise health of each battery.

Intelligent Design to Improve Installation and Reduce Service

ESPi engineers looked at every component to determine where they could design for easier installation and fewer service calls.  They listened to you to understand the difficulties with the current UPS solutions. The EPIC offers many significant improvements over the competition:Conversion of AC to DC at the outlet allows us to utilize a 16 gauge power cable and mount the EPIC up to 115ft. from an AC outlet. This is an industry best.One ILEC told us they spent $250,000 on electricians to add outlets during their rollout of 5000 FTTh lines. This adds an average of $50.00 per subscriber to add outlets where they didn't exist. Installers have much more flexibility in mounting EPIC units, and providers never have to hire an electrician to install a new AC outlet.Our modular design allows technicians to replace battery, circuit board, and fuse while the unit is still mounted. They no longer have to replace the entire unit, and the EPIC is easier and faster to service.New push-lever screw-less connector make it much easier and faster to connect or disconnect wires, verify that connections are secure, assure that alarms work, and eliminate the need for follow-up service calls to correct connection problems. A visual inspection verifies the wire is secure.The EPIC also has a convenient reset button on the front of the unit. When an ONT fails, customers can now reset the UPS themselves, without requiring a service call.The EPIC offers another industry first.  The OFF SWITCH.  For owners of vacations homes or part-time residences storing a discharged battery means certain replacement when they return.  With the EPIC once A/C power has been disconnected, press the Red Button and now the unit is off and the battery is stored in a charged state, good for up to 6 months.

Best UPS, Lowest Operating Expenses

To maximize revenues, you have to minimize operating expenses.  The EPIC does exactly that.  Simply put, it is easier and faster to install, has  longer battery life and ONT runtime, requires fewer service calls all while reducing UPS Operating expenses by up to 50%.  A UPS is not just a battery fitted with electronics.  It is a business choice.  In today’s telecom environment, you make the best choice when you choose the Espi EPIC Series UPS.