Why Should You Buy Juniper Certified Pre-Owned?

Improve your network using pre-owned, less expensive hardware officially certified by Juniper Networks. All certified pre-owned hardware purchased through this program carries the exact same Juniper warranty as the corresponding new product(s) and is eligible for Juniper Care support and services. Juniper Certified Pre-Owned offers a range of high-performance network solutions from Juniper Networks’ hardware portfolio, including switches, routers, security, wireless, and accessories. The certification process, warranty, Juniper Care eligibility, and overall value of Juniper CPO hardware are what differentiates the hardware from “used” hardware sold by unauthorized resellers.

⇒When Buying New Is Not An Option

Growing or maintaining a secure network can be expensive. You may need to expand your network but want to stick with familiar operations or established hardware that is no longer available new.

⇒Exceptional Savings

If purchasing new hardware is simply not an option due to budget limitations, Juniper Certified Pre-Owned hardware can be purchased for a fraction of what you would pay for new hardware.


All Juniper Certified Pre-Owned hardware carries a warranty from Juniper. Used networking hardware purchased from sources other than Juniper or its authorized resellers is NOT warranted by Juniper Networks.

⇒Juniper Care Eligible

Juniper Certified Pre-Owned hardware is eligible for the award-winning 24×7 mission-critical Juniper Care support & purchases can be added to existing support contracts. Used networking hardware purchased from sources other than Juniper or its authorized resellers is NOT eligible for Juniper Care.

⇒Certification Process Ensures Performance

To qualify as Juniper Certified Pre-Owned, and to the extent needed, hardware goes through the Juniper Certified Pre-Owned Refurbishment & Certification Process, where it is thoroughly refurbished and updated at a Juniper Networks authorized facility.

⇒High Availability

When new Juniper hardware is not available to meet a project timeline, Juniper Certified Pre-Owned may be a reliable alternative. Juniper Certified Pre-Owned offers a range of high-performance networking solutions from Juniper Networks product portfolio, including switches, routers, security devices, wireless devices, and accessories.


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