Buyback Program

Value for You & the Industry

United Tel Supply understands the importance of providing solutions to our customers. In response, we have created a Buyback Program that allows you to gain immediate value to reinvest into your business. We have a few ways for you to take advantage ~ from single units to complete warehouse removal. Providing us with yet another opportunity to connect with our customers and provide superior services.

Surplus Equipment

We know that industry demands are far exceeding available supply. By using our program we are able to purchase your surplus equipment which in turn helps replenish inventory, helping more companies such as yourself.

Current Needs

It’s no surprise that our biggest movers are currently consisting of Calix & Adtran ONTs. If you have a surplus of these ONTs we will accept these in working or defective conditions.

Our Goals

We want to act as your reliable resource, help others in our industry with replenished supplies, and reduce our carbon footprint by providing recycling and scrap options, all while providing money back to you for equipment that was sitting in a corner collecting dust. Win, win!

What is the process?

  • Contact by calling direct or using the below link.
  • Using your provided information we will prepare an assessment.
  • An email will be returned to you promptly with competitive industry pricing.
  • You may also request an on-site equipment evaluation or to schedule a video meeting in effort to provide additional details.
  • Once you decide to accept the quoted amount choose your preferred method of payment.
    • Apply as a credit to your account for future orders. -or-
    • Receive a direct payment.
  • As a final step we will arrange the packing and/or shipment of your order. We will determine the best route of shipping or provide you with on-site pickup by a member of our team.

Buyback Bid Form


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