About Us

United Tel Supply is a complete broadband supplier with specialties in Network & Data, OSP FTTH, DC Power and Repair Services. Our decades of experience allow us to offer the best solutions and connections in the industry.

Current partnerships include Dura-Line, Eltek, ESPi, Exeltech, Gaon, J&H American Enclosures, Juniper, Majorpower, Precision Group and R&M.

We look forward to earning your trust, and your business for years to come.

 Quality, Value, Integrity, and Knowledge. 

These are the cornerstones of our business and how we separate ourselves from the competition.


Our Team

Headshot - Zack

Zack Burnes

Sales & Purchasing ~ Owner
325-262-4031 Ext. 104 (O)
325-450-7707 (C)
Headshot - Todd

Todd Owens

Sales & Purchasing ~ Owner
325-262-4031 Ext. 103 (O)
325-277-0455 (C)
Headshot - Steve (1)

Steve Osmun

Director of Business Development
325-710-9229 (C)
Headshot - Jordan

Jordan Williams

Sales & Purchasing
325-213-9393 (C)
Headshot - Luke

Luke Green

Sales & Purchasing
325-262-4031 Ext. 105 (O)
325-812-5723 (C)
Headshot - Ken

Ken Bass

Sales & Purchasing
325-245-1010 (C)
Headshot - Terry

Terry Anderson

Sales & Purchasing
325-340-2827 (C)
Headshot - Jake

Jake Rollwitz

Vendor Sales
325-262-4031 Ext. 102 (O)
325-939-1664 (C)
Headshot - Lauren1

Lauren Roulain

HR/ Marketing Director
512-781-6499 (C)

Taylor De La Garza

Office Manager
325-262-4031 Ext. 101 (O)