Gaon Cable Co. provides products with reliability, security, and stability in the construction of communication infrastructure.    

Why Choose GAON

✔ TAA Compliant (Made in South Korea)

✔ RUS Compliant

✔ GR-20 Core Compliant LS Glass

Including OSP SM, SJNA & SJSA, Loose Tube, ADSS, & Microduct Air Blown Fiber Constructions that exceed all North American Standards

✔ ISO 9001:2015 20001098 TLR6 (Quality Systems)

✔ ISO 14001:2015 200001098 (Environmental Systems)

✔ 10 Year Warranty on Quality & Performance

✔ Meets ITU-T G.652, G.657, IEC 60794, 60794 Standard &

7. CFR.RUS.1755.200, TIA-598-C, AND TIA-598-D Certified 

 Highlighted Products

  • SM OSP Fiber Optic Cable Constructions
  • SJNA & SJSA G652/G657
  • DJSA & TJDA G652/G657
  • ADSS
  • MicroDuct Air Blown
  • Fig 8 Self Supporting  


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GF HD-001 MicroDuct High Density

GF SD-001 MicroDuct Standard

GF US-035 Gel-Free SJNA

GF US-041 Gel-Free SJSA

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