Majorpower designs and manufactures high quality, full featured Power Inverters, DC Rectifier Systems and DC/DC Converters. We focus on up-scale, dependable products that meet a variety of telecom, utility and critical power applications worldwide. Majorpower’s mission is to create power conversion systems that deliver superior reliability and to provide the best customer experience for our users.

Majorsine Utility and Telecom Inverters

Majorsine Power Inverters feature the integrated utility bypass and pure ac sine-wave output from a dc source input. Designed for high Mean Time Between Failure, these inverters provide the dependable ac power that critical networks demand. The compact 2U mounting package makes this model the right selection for limited space racks and remote network access is established by simply installing the plug-n-play communication card. Standard hardware connections, NEMA receptacles and input reverse polarity-proof protection simplify the installation process. Majorsine Inverters are designed and built for full reliability at premium network locations. These intelligent telecom-grade inverters provide pure ac sine-wave power for all critical network needs. 100% Duty Cycle combined with the most common dc system voltages in telecom inverters (48V), wireless/LMR (24V) or utility inverters (125-130V) make this unit a superior choice for the best network deployments.

Majortel DC Power Systems

Majortel DC Power systems (MTS) meet or exceed most equipment application requirements for today’s growing new technology networks. The MTS system includes telecom grade switch-mode 48V rectifiers in a feature rich mounting shelf with integrated remote communication package. Each shelf is 1.75” tall, 11” deep and occupies a standard 19” wide rack space.

Product Features:

  • Full Power,  Wide AC Range
  • Complete System Design
  • Extended Temperature Operations
  • Integrated Remote Communication Package
  • N+1 Configurations Capabilities 
  • Built-in Breaker Distribution 

Majortel Converters

Converters in a feature rich power conversion system offer flexibility and redundancy to the critical network architecture. The Majortel 1U Converter system is a compact rack mounted design that supplies critical equipment solutions requiring 24V or 48V dc from a 125-130V dc power source or electric utility provider substation battery. Each dc-dc converter system is designed to occupy a true 1U (1.75” height) rack space in a standard 19” width rack and under 11” deep. Fault-Tolerant design installations will include two compact, high density and reliable high-frequency 25 amp dc-dc converters, for a total system capacity configuration of 50A output in the single selected voltage for the application. Power Industry User approvals for the converter product continue to grow, since the first electric utility market application several years ago in 2013.

Product Features:

  • Wide-Range 100-300V DC Output
  • 24V or 48V DC Output
  • User Selectable Output Capacity 25 or 50 Amp
  • Programmable Alarms with Dry-Contacts
  • Quick Check LED Indications


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