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AFL provides industry-leading solutions, products and services to the energy, service provider, enterprise and industrial markets as well as a number of emerging markets. AFL's service portfolio includes market-leading positions with the foremost communications companies supporting central office, outside plant, wireless and enterprise applications. Whether you need to build or upgrade a network or apply the latest fiber optic technology, AFL connects you with the solutions that fit your every need.


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AFL Flex-Span All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) cable is designed for aerial distribution power lines, as well as underground duct applications. As its name indicates, there are no metallic components and the cable does not require a support or messenger wire. Flex-Span ADSS cables are a single jacket design intended for the shorter pole-to-pole span lengths in a distribution environment. A broad combination of fiber counts and spans lengths in this product family provide network designers with flexibility in their cable selection.


AFL-ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) fiber optic cable is designed for outside plant aerial transmission and distribution environments. There are no metallic components and the cable does not require a support or messenger wire. These attributes allow the cable to be installed live-line and in the power space of distribution lines. 



AFL provides years of experience and excellent solutions for your hardware needs. Reference the linked Specification Sheets for assistance in choosing your hardware.


AFL’s "Fiber-In-A-Box" solution offers contractors lightweight, easy to use cable packaging with "out of the box" disbursement of fiber cable. No reel supports or pay-off's are required. Simply set the box down in a convenient place, unlock the built-in braking mechanism and begin pulling. Adjust the braking mechanism to apply the amount of pulling tension required. Stack and configure boxes together to disburse cable from several reels at the same time. Available in lengths of 1000, 2000 and 3000 feet, this unique cable package solution will save contractors valuable time and cost.


Switchblade is an innovative fiber containment vault with a folding design that reduces shipping cost, storage space footprint and increases productivity and speed to market. The flared design maintains a best-in-class strength to weight ratio – minimizing the effects of frost heave, while optimizing internal volume. When combined with other AFL products, the Switchblade FCV-2 can comfortably hold 3,456F of spliced fibers using the Apex X-2 and SWR cable, or multiple TITAN RTD Multiport Terminals on a mounting bracket.




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ADSS Standard Fiber Optic Cable
ADSS Flex-Span Fiber Optic Cable
Switchblade Fiber Containment Vault
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ADSS/ Aerial Hardware
AGC Series ADSS Downlead Clamp
AVD Series Spiral Vibration Damper
Cable Formed Wire Suspensions
Cable Mini Dead Ends
Cable Spiral Vibration Damper
Cable Trunion Assemblies
Cable Wedge Dead End
Coil Brackets
Corona Ring
Downlead Clamp
Downlead Clamps for OPGW and ADSS
FDCT Series Flat Drop Tangent-Downlead
Fiber Storage System
FIT Formed Wire Installation Tool
Formed Wire Dead End
Mini Bracket
Mini Stringing Bracket
Multi-Drop Thimble Eye for Drop ADSS
Opti-Guard Splice Enclosure and Accessories
RDCT Round Drop Cable-Downlead
SB01 Splice Enclosure and Accessories
Standoff Bracket for ADSS Hardware Clamps
Suspension Unit
Temporary Grip